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Brand: Duroflex Model: WF-S023
The Wellfin 3 seater sofa is manufactured using high quality fabric. It is soft, comfortable and ensures no loss of colour with use or rubbing ..
Ex Tax:Rs.33,000.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: WF-D004
Ex Tax:Rs.9,000.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Duroflex Back Magic - Orthopedic Coir Mattress
About Back Magic Coir Orthopedic Mattress Looking for a higher degree of back support? Try Back Magic - a doctor recommended orthopedic coir mattress. Optimized for better sleep, this mattress has a tough core of high-density coir and rebonded foam to relax the muscles and have your body feel well-..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,870.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Duroflex Balance - Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress
About Balance Memory Foam Orthopedic MattressResearch-backed and designed to perfection, Balance mattress is all about a rejuvenating sleep experience accompanied by enhanced 5 zoned body support. Ideal for everyday use, this orthopedic mattress aligns the spine and supports the back. The memory foa..
Ex Tax:Rs.11,442.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Duroflex Endure - Bonnell Spring Pillow Top Mattress
Product Description Just like Evoke from the Energise range, Endure is also a bonnell spring mattress but is finished with a smooth pillow top for added softness and comfort. The base is firm, courtesy the bonnell spring core of interconnected springs that provide bounce and long-lasting support. T..
Ex Tax:Rs.13,323.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Duroflex Energy - Medium Firm Foam Pillow
Product Description One pillow & many nights of blissful sleep! Energy is a medium firm pillow designed using high resilient foam for enhanced neck support. Its 100% cotton fabric layer topped with a breathable mesh lining ensures maximum air ventilation, keeping the pillow cool and hygienic fo..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,839.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Duroflex Evoke - Bonnell Spring Minimal Bounce Mattress
Product DescriptionMake everyday feel like a fresh start with Evoke. Thoughtfully engineered, the mattress uses bonnell springs with a minimal bounce to increase support and layers of soft foam to cushion your body. This is complemented by our exclusive 3 Zoned Active NRG Layer that aligns the spine..
Ex Tax:Rs.11,422.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Duroflex Icon - Pocket Spring High Density Coir Mattress
Product DescriptionA better rest starts with Icon, a mattress that combines value and comfort for quality sleep. Being a 3-zoned pocket spring mattress, it prevents movement from travelling across the mattress leading to a zero-disturbance sleep. The 3 zoning of the pocket spring layer ives zonal bo..
Ex Tax:Rs.10,137.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Duroflex Kaya - Chemical Free Natural Latex Mattress
Product DescriptionNot just good for you but also for the planet, Kaya is a 100% natural latex mattress with organic cotton fabric. Being toxin-free, it offers long-term health benefits and lends strong support. Latex is naturally resilient and supportive making it one of the best natural materials ..
Ex Tax:Rs.35,794.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Duroflex Life - Firm Foam Pillow
Product DescriptionBring back to life a restful night’s sleep with the contoured high density foam pillow with built in active grooves that ensure maximum air ventilation and better blood circulation. Lightweight as it looks, the pillow comes encased in a 100% soft cotton fabric cover that helps it ..
Ex Tax:Rs.919.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Duroflex Neck Balance - Orthopedic Memory Foam Cool Gel Pillow
Product DescriptionStrike the right balance between therapeutic comfort and advanced orthopedic support with our Neck Balance pillow. This unique pillow is designed using memory foam enabled with Cool Gel Technology for targeted pressure relief and enhanced blood circulation.The Cool Gel infusion en..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,874.00
Brand: Duroflex Model: Orthopedic Memory Foam Contour Pillow
Product DescriptionNeck Pro is a 100% memory foam pillow scientifically engineered for the perfect neck contouring and exceptional pressure relief. Being a memory foam pillow it is designed to retain its shape , have a longer lifetime and be naturally hypoallergenic. It is strategically contour..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,069.00
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