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Brand: Kurl On Model: Angelica Box Top
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONEver imagine sleeping like an angel? That’s what the Angelica Box Top helps you do. It’s crafted with high-tensile pocket springs, MSI technology, a comfort layer box top friction, and noise insulation that enables you and your partner to sleep p..
Ex Tax:Rs.15,629.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Chimera
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONHere Comes the classy PU foam pillow from the house of Kurlon. The soft PU foam gives your neck and shoulder a perfect posture and on the other hand a sinking feel to your body...
Ex Tax:Rs.1,254.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Convenio
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA multi-layered Foam Mattress designed to give you the correct sleep posture thanks to its Bonded Foam core. Further reinforced by PU Foam layers on both sides to ensure adequate support. The Memory Foam quilting quickly moulds to the body contour, and always recovers its original..
Ex Tax:Rs.11,469.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Desire Top
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe Desire Top, is a double sided Pillow Top Spring mattress that is super comfortable and cosy. It comes with an additional layer of PU foam quilt to add bounce for that relaxed feel. It's high GSM soft knitted fabric cover would give you the luxurious sleep you always wante..
Ex Tax:Rs.10,429.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Dream Sleep
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A real champion of a mattress – five power-packed layers designed to enhance sleep quality while increasing durability. Symmetrically layered with PU Foam quilt at the top and bottom; Thermobond Felt layers beneath each of those; and High Tensile Bonnel Spring construction a..
Ex Tax:Rs.8,633.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Glacies Memory Gel Pillow
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONMade of Visco elastic  memory foam that will give you an adequate support to your neck & Spine and at the same time cool gel technology helps you getting perfect sleep in a tiring hot and sunny day.Anti-AllergicAnti-Dust MiteUltra-FreshSupport for head and neckImproves bl..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,395.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Grazel Memory Foam
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONPresenting a Revolutionary breakthrough in this stress free life, The Grazel , an avant grade Product from the house of Kurlon, is a pillow made of Innovative Memory Foam, which senses body heat and adjust itself to changing sleep positions. It is encased in 100% cotton Fabric...
Ex Tax:Rs.2,188.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Luxurino
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAs the name suggest the Luxurino is spring mattress designed to lull you away to your best sleep. It comes with MSI technology providing you with zero disturbance if there is movement on the other side of the mattress. To make it softer it has a memory foam layer on top and covere..
Ex Tax:Rs.30,454.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Magnum
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA Coir Mattress enhanced by Advanced Centre Densification and Vertical Compression Technology. Designed for that premium look, this Box Top Mattress provides excellent support thanks to a High Resilience layer just below the top layer – which itself is of Softy Foam for a snug sle..
Ex Tax:Rs.13,158.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Mermaid
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONThe Mermaid, is a foam mattress contours to your body shape keeping it in the most comfortable position while you sleep. It's breathable bonded foam core support provides optimal support while its memory foam quilting on top enhances comfort and sleep. It comes with a warranty of ..
Ex Tax:Rs.18,422.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Petalz
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONFill: MicrofiberQuality of shell fabric: Downproof fabricOuter Shell Layer: CottonFill Weight (in gms): 800..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,385.00
Brand: Kurl On Model: Sparkle
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONIn addition to two layers – PU Foam quilt (top) and Goldline Foam (bottom), Sparkle 5" comes with one more unique feature: 'Soft polycotton fabric', which is skin-friendly and healthy for the body. The snug top layer ensures relaxed, sound sleep every single night, while providing..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,679.00
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